Kristin Coyne, Ph.D., RSW

Kristin Coyne is the Clinical Manager for the Clinical Counselling Services at Encompass Support Services Society. Kristin has been providing therapy for over ten years, and has been working in the human services fields for nearly 20 years. She has worked in a variety of settings, including community-based, non-profit organizations, hospitals, forensic settings, university settings, and in private practice. She specializes in working with children, youth and adults who have experienced trauma or who may want support in managing mental health concerns.

Kristin has a graduate certificate in Complex Trauma and Child Sexual Abuse, and has completed basic training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and in Theraplay. Kristin is also a Registered Play Therapy – Supervisor with the Association for Play Therapy. She draws from a variety of approaches, including expressive therapies, somatic therapies, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and when working with children utilizes an integrative play therapy approach.

Jesslyn Linden, RSW

Jesslyn Linden is the Clinical Coordinator and a Clinical Counsellor in the Clinical Counselling Services Team at Encompass Support Services Society. Jesslyn holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of British Columbia. She has had the privilege of working alongside children, adolescents and families in the human services field for over 10 years. She draws from a variety of therapeutic approaches including Person Centered Therapy, Expressive Therapies, Somatic Therapies, Trauma Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; and when working with children utilizes an integrative play therapy approach. Jesslyn’s clinical work has mostly focused on supporting children and youth who have experienced trauma and walking alongside them through their healing journey. (On maternity leave as of April 2021)

Semhar Ghedela, MAMFT, CCC

Semhar Ghedela is a Canadian Certified Counsellor, with experience working in the social services field for over a decade with at-risk youth, immigrant/refugee youth and their families, adults with developmental disabilities, and adults facing substance abuse and homelessness. Semhar uses a warm and relational approach to help clients make better sense of who they are, where they’ve been and where they would like to go. She employs a Person-Centered approach and draws from Emotion-Focused Therapy, Attachment Theory, Somatic Therapies, and Compassion-Focused Therapy. She believes that each client is capable of possessing and embodying compassion, courage, authenticity, and meaning in their lives.

Rhonda Zachary, MC, RCC

Rhonda Zachary is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology. Rhonda has worked in the human services sector for 14 years as a counsellor and mental health therapist and specializes in mood disorders, including anxiety and depression, stress, eating disorders, trauma, sexual abuse, child and adolescent concerns, self-harm, addiction, women’s issues, etc. Rhonda provides a nurturing, encouraging, and empowering environment to assist clients with personal growth and provides guidance toward the development of a healthy, accepted sense of self. Rhonda works from a humanistic, client-centered, eclectic approach to therapy to best suit the needs of the client. Rhonda’s eclectic approach encompasses elements of the following therapeutic techniques which all have an underlying emphasis on health and wellness:

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialetical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT)
  • Emotion Focused Family Therapy (EFFT)
  • Narrative Therapy (NT)

Rhonda’s core belief is that we are inherently good and whole and that it is the residue of life’s experiences and the thoughts and messages that we internalize that interfere with our full expression and potential. Thus we often find ourselves stuck in patterns which play out according to old programming of our mind. Rhonda helps clients to deconstruct these old patterns and develop new ones more aligned with their true nature. Rhonda looks forward to serving Langley and the surrounding communities.

Nazia Hussain, MCP

Nazia is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who holds a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. She works on the General Counselling team at Encompass. She has spent 8+ years working within the social services field with children, youth, and adults dealing with various challenges. She practices from an integrative perspective, using Person-Centered approach, CBT, Emotion-Focused therapy, DBT, Somatic therapy, Trauma Informed therapy, and Play / Art therapy. She believes that each client is capable of creating change and achieving personal growth in their daily lives, allowing them to manage and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Michele Francis, RCC, MCP

Michele Francis is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology and over 12 years of experience working in the social service and social change field. Michele’s experience includes working with youth and adults, immigrants and refugees, individuals facing challenges with employment, substance use, homelessness, domestic violence, trauma and abuse. Michele works from an eclectic lens which includes Adlerian Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, a Trauma Centered lens, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a Feminist lens and Narrative Therapy. Michele believes in creating a space that is built on the foundations of encouragement, empowerment and autonomy. She firmly believes in the strength and resilience each individual worked with, carries within them. Michele believes that together, within a supportive therapeutic space, individual challenges can be better understood, resilience can grow, and more effective coping strategies can be built.

Tamara Ukwu, MSW, RSW, PhD Candidate

Tamara Ukwu has more than 15 years of clinical, teaching and case management experience in local and international settings. She has been providing help to diverse individuals from a wide spectrum of cultural, socio-economic, ethnic, educational and other diversified backgrounds. She holds Master’s Degree in Social Work from an accredited school of social work at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, USA, and is a Registered Social Worker in British Columbia. She is also a PhD candidate at the School of Social Work at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. In addition, she holds a two year specialization for Primary Prevention of Addiction accredited by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and NARKO-NE Association from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe. Tamara is also currently working in Child and Adolescent Stabilization Unit at the Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Tamara has had the privilege of providing therapy to persons dealing with wide range of mental health problems, working mostly with youth and their families, immigrants and refugees and individuals in post-war society. Tamara is committed to providing safe and non-judgmental environment through developing a therapeutic and trusting relationship. She works collaboratively with clients to help facilitate learning and understanding of self and to create positive change despite the circumstances that led to the crisis. In her practice, Tamara draws from a variety of approaches including a person center approach, strength based perspectives, attachment theory, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT).